Join Troop 114 Girls!

Girls who have completed 5th grade, or are between ages 11 and 18 (earlier if in Cub Scouts) can join Troop 114 at any time!  You don't have to to have prior scouting experience, anyone can join.  We are a youth-led troop of nearly 20 girls from various schools in the Littleton area including Goddard, Ken Caryl and Powell Middle schools as well as Heritage and Littleton High Schools. 

Interested families can visit and join anytime of the year!  Feel free to reach out to us to get more information, or to schedule a visit.



We like to camp. Alot.

Troop 114 Girls aims to camp; or at least have a weekend trip, every month in a year.  We plan Troop campouts and head out of Dodge on the third weekend of the month; almost every month.  Camp themes and locations are decided on by the scouts annually at a planning meeting.  Here's what we've done recently and have coming up:


March - Bear Creek Lake Camp

April - Spring Camp @ Peaceful Valley

May - Sand Dunes Camp

June - Camp Cris Dobbins Summer Camp

July - Rafting Camp @ Buena Vista

September - Denver Area Council Camporee

October - Horsemanship @ The Air Force Academy


September 26th 7-8:30PM

Littleton United Methodist Church

5894 S Datura Street

Littleton, CO 80120


What do scouts do?
How much does it cost?

What is the time commiment of Scouting?

What is Scout-Led?

How do scout troops operate?


Come for a visit to find the answers to all of these questions and more!  Your daughter will join a patrol for the night and get a first-hand scouting experience, while you can talk to troop leadership about the program and why you should get involved!

The top 10 reasons why scouting beats TV, hands down


#10 - No batteries required
#9 - Commercial-free
#8 - Strengthens families
#7 - Burns more calories
#6 - Grows character, not potatoes
#5 - Offers college scholarships
#4 - Violence-free
#3 - Develops leaders
#2 - Prepares kids for real life

#1 - It's the Ultimate Reality Show!

TV shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race have nothing on Scouting. Just ask a Scout