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Winter Camping College - Covid Style

Covid makes everything different. This year we will be trying to do Winter Camping College outside in the snow for added effect. Saturday January 16th, 8am to 4pm: Winter Camping College The purpose of this program is to prepare Scouts (and parents) for the challenges of camping in the snow. We will have lessons on winter clothing, sleeping systems, first aid and avalanche safety!

If you have an existing Sleeping Bag, please bring it so we can approve it or give advice on how to upgrade/augment it! Saturday, January 23 - Snowshoe Hike - Meet at the Scout Hut at 7:00 am dressed appropriately for cold, snowy conditions. You will need snowshoes. (You may be able to borrow snowshoes from Scout families, a waiver and rental info form will be available). Return to the Scout Hut should be by 4:00 pm. Students should participate in the lessons before going on the outdoor trips. Signup here:

Friday, January 29-31 - District Klondike! Please register by the 9th! This year they are planning to hold it at Peaceful Valley. Multiple Districts will be participating in this event, which includes patrol competitions. Scouts and adults must have participated (at a minimum) in WinterCamping College classes covering clothing and gear to attend this event, which will also meet one of the requirements for the coveted Troop114WinterCamping College patch. Meeting time this month may include practicing some of the skills for the competitions that will be held and improving our sled for the race (bring your creativity and resources)!

Signup Here:

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