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Troop 114 Alumni Association

Troop 114 has a rich history.


We've been camping on the third weekend of every month as long as anyone can remember. The floor in the church gym has changed three times, but it's still the same gym we have our Courts of Honor in.


We also believe in "Once a Scout...Always a Scout", so we invite alumni of the Troop once a summer to our Annual Troop Breakfast to celebrate our Scouting roots.

If you were once a member of Troop 114 we'd love to stay in touch with you.  We have separate Alumni organization with it's own site specifically to stay in touch.  We're also preparing for our diamond jubilee in 2016.


Contact us today to become a member of our Alumni Association.  There's no obligation or fee, we'll just add you to our directory and alumni mailing list.  You'll begin receiving periodic newsletters with information about what's happening today, and notices about events you can attend, like our upcoming renuion, Troop Breakfasts and Courts of Honor.  Simply fill in your details below, and we'll be in touch!



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