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Troop 114 has three annual (and ongoing) fundraisers that we offer.  Unlike Cub Scouting, the Troop itself has little expense, all of which is covered in annual dues.  Fundraising is optional, and proceeds fund individual Scouts travels, equipment, expenses, and adventures. 


Denver Area Council Popcorn Sale - Scouts can sell Trail's End popcorn door to door, to neighbors, teachers, co-workers or at Troop 114 booths in front of stores during the selling period.  Orders are taken along with payment, and product is delivered in early November.  Commission is roughly 32% of sales amount, and the sale runs annually early in the Fall.


Sherwood Forest Farms Holiday Greens Sale - Scouts may also sell wreaths, garlands, and other holiday greenery from Sherwood Forest Farms in late fall.  Orders are taken with payment during October, with product usually arriving in time for Thanksgiving.  Proceeds are roughly 33% of sales, depending on items sold.  Order your Holiday Green's direct here, please specify the scout to give credit to at checkout:


A Scout is Thrifty

King Soopers & Safeway Reloadable Gift Cards - The greatest fundraiser ever!  Purchase a reloadable King Soopers & Safeway gift card from the Troop 114 treasurer for as little as $25.  You earn 5% back for every amount reloaded onto the card and spent at King Soopers or Safeway.  Simply estimate the price of your groceries, load the card before ringing them up, and use it to pay for them.  Also works for gas!  No limit to your "fleet" of cards, give them to grandparents, family, friends, neighbors and receive 5% of their grocery amounts too!    Check your balance by clicking the icon to the right or going to (King Soopers Only).

Instructions for Setting up Trails-End App

In 2019, Trails End provides free credit card processing if you take orders for popcorn with their mobile app.

The first step to go to and set up an account for your scout.

The next step to registering is to choose a child or parent account to register.  It does not really matter, but our family has the accounts in the parent's name as it makes password recovery easier...

Then the next step is to fill in your information and your scouts information.  Ensure you give a valid email for password recovery should you forget!

Then make sure you select "Troop 114" in Arapaho District of Denver Area Council so you are sure to get credit for any credit card sales!  (If you are in Troop 114G, pick "Troop 114 Girls" instead.)

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