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Become a Merit Badge Counselor

Every new scout is excited to earn Merit Badges.  There are four main ways he can do it:


  • Summer Camp.

  • A Merit Badge College (put on by a Troop or district offering select badges in one day).

  • During the Troop's monthly badge offerings.

  • Individually or in a small group with a counselor.


The Troop is always in need of counselors, particularly for Eagle required badges.  Once you become a counselor, your name and contact information is added to a list available to the Scouts.  If a scout is interested in a badge that you counsel, he will reach out to you to arrange working on the badge.  This can take place during Troop meetings, and depending on the badge may only take a session or two. 


In order to become a counselor, we need a few things (click to download or visit the training site):



As a merit badge counselor, you may (or may not) be asked by the Troop, or an individual to teach the badge.  You will be added to a growing list of parents available to enrich the program for members of the Troop.  We would love to see at least one or two badges being offered by each family in the Troop.


Every parent is most likely qualified to teach at least one of these badges:

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