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Scout/Parent Digital Technology Contract


Your parents may differ on how they want to handle digital technology in your house, but here is an example contract that you can take and edit! 



Digital Technology Contract


My parents may allow me to use a digital technology if I agree to rules for using it. I understand that I must abide by these rules or the device will be taken away from me for as long as my parents choose.

The rules include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • I must agree to give the device immediately to my parents when they ask for it. I must fully cooperate in showing them the contents of my device, including my passwords, accounts, cell phone contacts, pictures, videos, text messages, email, or anything else stored in the device.

  • I will not use technology devices after a time in the evening designated by my parents. For the purpose of this contract that time will be called “bedtime.” On school nights that time is ______________. On non-school nights that time is _____________. This will be revised from time to time, either earlier or later, depending on my age and how well I respect the rules of this agreement.

  • I understand that if my parents learn I am using my device after the time designated above, they will take it from me for a period of time. After that, for some additional period of time, I will have to hand in my device at every bedtime.

  • I will abide by my school’s rules regarding use of cell phones, Internet and digital technology.

  • When driving, I will not make phone calls, or operate my cell phone or tablet in any manner, including checking for texts, reading texts, or creating text messages. If my phone rings while I am driving, I will not answer it. I will wait and return calls and texts either when I have reached my destination or can pull over safely.

  • Any abusive use of this technology will mean I will lose this or all technology privileges for a period of time. Abuse includes sending or storing inappropriate content (nudity or partial nudity, drug or alcohol references, harassing or bullying messages, spreading rumors, sending or receiving calls or texts from strangers, etc.).

  • House rules [Modify as you desire]:

    • Do not use your phone or other digital device during family meals.

    • When you talk to adults, focus all of your attention on them: do not check text messages or search for videos.

    • Bedrooms and bathrooms are off-limits for technology.

    • Computers and smartphones must be used in central spaces such as the kitchen or den.

    • Note: There is an extra section here on the parent portal.  I recommend adding this to your contract.




Scout Signature                                         Date





Parent/Guardian Signature(s)                      Date




Contract found at  Modified for digital usage.  Original cell phone agreement by Dale Wisely, Ph.D.  (


The text of this contract is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License

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