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2017 National Jamboree

Wednesday July 12th

Jamboree Departure Day

1:00am: Littleton, Alex Mitchell- bleary-eyed collision in the hall.

3:00am: DIA, Andrew Osborne – big smile, class A, and a blue cap valiantly struggling to stay on his head

3:10: Englewood, Parker Montegna- in bed, asleep

3:15: DIA, James Osborne- “Parker who?”

3:20: DIA, Andrew, James, and Alex- boarding pass and luggage claim in hand. Blue cap still toughing it out.

4:00am: DIA, Parker Montegna- boarding pass, luggage claim in hand, and a huge sigh of relief

4:05: DIA, Alex Mitchell

- “Why are you still here?”

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